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Radio Frequency IDentification Technology Presentation PPT Free Download – RFID Working Principle, Working, Advantages-Disadvantages, Application PPT Download for Free

Welcome to our latest post. In this one, we have provided the PowerPoint presentation slide on Radio-Frequency Identification. This PPT is free to download. The link to download the presentation is given at the end of the post.


RFID Technology

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Auto-ID data collection system surveillance,  using RF waves for Identifying, Tracking, and doing  Management of material flow. it is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.


An RFID tag is an object that can be attached to or incorporated into a product for the purpose of identification using radio waves. It Is fast and does not require physical sight or contact between the reader/scanner and the tagged item. The basic concept behind RFID is the same as “Mirror-Sunlight-  Reflection theory. It was Invented and used in the early 1940s but Commercial operation began in the 1960s.

A radio device called a tag is attached to the object that needs to be identified. When this tagged object is presented in front of a  suitable RFID reader, the tag transmits this data to the reader (via the reader antenna). The reader then reads the data and has the capability to forward it over suitable communication channels.

This application can then use this unique data to identify the object presented to the reader. It can then perform a variety of actions.

RFID is useful in various fields like Manufacturing and Processing, Supply Chain Management, Retail, Security, Location Tracking, Acess Control, Payment System, and many more.

Detailed Information about this technology is given in the PPT we’ve provided.

Download Radio-Frequency Identification PPT

From the button given below, you can download the PPT slides on Radio-Frequency Identification for free.

Content of RFID Presentation

The given material contains the following topics and their brief information:

  • Introduction
  • RFID System Components
  • Working Principle and Working
  • Applications
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Differences between RFID & Barcode
  • Future uses
  • Conclusion

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