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RS Sharma Ancient History Book PDF Download

Download RS Sharma’s Ancient India Book for government exams PDF – RS Sharma Ancient History PDF for entrance exams

This post will provide a PDF of the History Book by RS Sharma. You can find RS Sharma’s Ancient India History, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Ancient History By RS Sharma

  • The significance of Ancient Indian History
  • Modern Historians of Ancient India
  • Nature of sources and Historical constructions
  • Geographical Setting
  • Ecology and Environment
  • The Linguistic Background
  • Human Evolution: The old stone age
  • The Neolithic age: First food producers and Animal Keepers 
  • The Construction of Ancient Indian History
  • Chalcolithic cultures
  • Harappan culture: Bronze age urbanization in the Indus valley
  • Identity of Aryan culture
  • The age of the rig veda
  • The Later Vedic Phase: Transition of state and social orders
  • Jainism and Buddhism
  • Territorial States and the First Magadha Empire
  • Iranlan and Macedonian Invasions
  • State structure and the Varna system in the Age of the Buddha
  • The Age of the Mauryas
  • The Sigaiflcanee of the Maurya Rule
  • The Central Asian Contact and Mutual impacts
  • The Age of the Satavahanas
  • The Dawn of History in the Deep South
  • Crafts, commerce and urban growth
  • Rise and growth of the Gupta empire
  • Life in the Gupta Age
  • Spread of civilizations in eastern India
  • Harsha and his Times
  • Brahmanization, Rural expansion, and peasant protest in the peninsula
  • Developments in the philosophy
  • Cultural interaction with Asian countries
  • From Ancient to Medieval
  • Sequence of Social Changes
  • Legacy in Science and Civilization
  • Chronology of Literary sources
  • Bibliography
  • Index

About the Author- RS Sharma

About the Author: The author of India’s Ancient Past, R. S. Sharma, was an eminent historian, who taught at Patna University, the University of Toronto, and Delhi University as well. He was able to publish 115 books, throughout his life, which were translated into fifteen languages.

RS Sharma Ancient History

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