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Santulan Products Price List PDF Download – Balaji Tambe Ayurveda Products with Price

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with the price list for Santulan Ayurvedic Products. You can find the complete price list of Santulan Products, which you can also download in PDF format by the end of this post.


Santulan Products

Santulan Ayurveda is a renowned clinic for Ayurvedic Medicinal Treatment and Panchkarma Therapies. It’s a multi-specialty treatment center to cure chronic diseases through our ancient treatment system. Santulan was founded by Shri Balaji Tambe. He is the pioneering Ayurvedic physician of his generation, having invented more than 200 proprietary Ayurvedic formulations registered with the FDA.


Santulan has established various centers across the country to provide its customers with essential Ayurvedic products and services. The Centre offers unique residential holistic programs for ‘Panchakarma’ and ‘Wellness‘. These are very effective for the purification and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Both the Panchkarma and Wellness Packages include participation in Yoga, Meditation, Lectures, a properly balanced Diet, Lifestyle correction, and Healing Music.

Santulan Products Price List

Acidity, Digestion & Liver
Triphala Churna60 g₹80.00
Shatanant Kalpa300 g₹295.00
San Agni Syrup200 ml₹130.00
Pittashanti120 Tabs₹320.00
San Udar Asav400 ml₹300.00
Jala Santulan50 g₹160.00
Santulan Ghee ( Traditional Ghruta )500 ml₹960.00
Gulkand Special300 g₹310.00
Punarnavasav400 ml₹250.00
Anant Kalpa300 g₹300.00
Gulkand300 g₹210.00
Sancool Churna120 g₹360.00
Sole Care Cream50 g₹280.00
Avipattikar Churna60 g₹130.00
Annayog60 Tabs₹160.00
Cool San Syrup200 ml₹215.00
Bilvasan300 g₹190.00
San Pitta Syrup200 ml₹170.00

OM – Die Ursprache der Seele₹1,840.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 15₹150.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 7₹225.00
Mantra Jeevanacha₹180.00
Santulan Kriya Yog₹300.00
Thus says Ayurveda Part 1₹350.00
Peacock Feathers₹150.00
The Untold Secrets of Life₹750.00
Swasthyache 21 Mantra – Part 2₹90.00
Swayampak Gharatil Dawakhana₹200.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 9₹180.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 12₹165.00
Santulan Kriya Yog₹190.00
Ursprung des Ayurveda₹250.00
Ayurvediya Garbhasanskar₹799.00
Chakra Sudarshan₹340.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 11₹190.00
Shriman Prasanna₹125.00
Santulan Veda Planner 2022₹120.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 3₹100.00
Ayurvedic Gharguti Upachar₹100.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 8₹200.00
Atma Ramayan₹280.00
Chamatkar Panchakarmacha₹399.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 5₹190.00
Mantra Aarogyacha₹200.00
Jaya Deva Gajanana₹200.00
Peacock Feathers 2₹250.00
Swasthyache 21 Mantra – Part 1₹100.00
Shri Ram Vishwapanchayatan₹450.00
Communication with the self – The SOM Program₹500.00
Vata Vyadhi₹140.00
Ayurved Uvacha Vol 1₹225.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 1₹120.00
Stree Arogya₹150.00
Ayurved Uvacha Vol 2₹200.00
Naate Vanaspatinshi₹240.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 10₹270.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 4₹250.00
Best of Family Doctor₹650.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 2₹125.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 6₹250.00
Ayurvedic Home Remedies₹120.00
Family Doctor₹300.00
Arogya Subhashit₹150.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 14₹140.00
Shree Geeta Yog Part 13₹190.00

Cold and Cough
Atmaprash500 g₹990.00
Bronchosan200 ml₹180.00
Chyavanprash500 g₹420.00
Honey500 g₹380.00
Sitopaladi60 g₹230.00
Talisadi60 g₹160.00
San Kapha Syrup200 ml₹160.00

You can download the complete Santulan Product Price List from the PDF given below.

Download Santulan Products Price List PDF

You can download the Santulan Products Price List PDF from the download button given below.

We hope you find this content useful and are able to download the PDF for Santulan Products Price List.


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