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Sex Photosynthesis


Sexual Differences in Photosynthetic Activity





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Sex Photosynthesis PDF Download

Download Sexual Differences in Photosynthetic Activity Research Paper complete PDF – Sex Photosynthesis in Plants

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Sexual Differences in Photosynthesis. You can find the Sex Photosynthesis Research Report, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Sex Photosynthesis PDF

In this post, we will be providing you with a research report on Sexual differences in photosynthetic activity, ultrastructure, and phytoremediation potential of Populus cathayana exposed to lead and drought. The research was conducted by a group of 5 researchers named, Ying Han, Ling Wang, Xiaolu Zhang, Helena Korpelainen, and Chunyang Li.

Sex Photosynthesis

The official research report was published in the year 2013. Here we will be providing you with a copy of the original report.

Abstract and Figures

Lead (Pb) and drought frequently coexist in China’s forests and seriously affect their biomass, net primary productivity, and biodiversity, particularly among dioecious trees with different sex-related reproduction costs.

Here, the effects of Pb, deposited into the soil (Pbsoil) and leaves (Pbleaf), on the traits related directly or indirectly to photosynthetic activity were evaluated in the dioecious tree, Populus cathayana Rehd. In addition, we analyzed the potential of P. cathayana males and females for phytoremediation based on photosynthetic activity, cellular ultrastructure, and phytoremediation-related parameters.

The Pb level was 2.7 mmol Pb(NO3)2 kg−1 dry soil in the Pbsoil treatment and 1.8 mmol Pb(NO3)2 per plant in the Pbleaf treatment. In parallel experiments, two watering regimes, 100 and 50% of the field capacity were applied. The stress duration was 2 months. Dry mass production and the net photosynthetic rate increased in both sexes, particularly in females, when exposed to Pbleaf alone, Pbsoil with drought, and Pbleaf with drought.

The study revealed that males exhibit greater plasticity in the photosynthetic capacity than females. Severe damage to cellular ultrastructure was also observed in the leaves of males and females exposed to Pbleaf, but more strongly in females.

However, the Pbsoil treatment alone did not affect these traits as significantly compared with other treatments. Moreover, drought significantly increased the sensitivity to Pb stress in both sexes, but more so in females. In addition, changes in the photosynthetic capacity and cellular ultrastructure combined with the analysis of tolerance index, translocation factor, bioconcentration factor, and Pb concentration showed that males and females could be employed for different purposes in phytoremediation: females are promising candidates for phytoextraction, whereas males are promising candidates for phytostabilization.


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