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Shape Memory Alloys Introduction

Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) are applied to a group of metallic materials that when subjected to appropriate thermal procedure demonstrate the ability to return to some ‘previously remembered shape. This means that it is possible to imprint some shape in the memory of these materials.


It is also the most expensive alloy, so there is a lot of effort going into finding an economically viable alternative. Shape memory materials (SMMs) are featured by the ability to recover their original shape from a significant and seemingly plastic deformation when a particular stimulus is applied. This is known as the shape memory effect (SME).

Applications of SMA

The Shape memory effect is currently being implemented in:

  • Coffeepots
  • The space shuttle
  • Thermostats
  • Vascular Stents
  • Hydraulic Fittings (for Airplanes)
  • Defense Industries
  • Medical Sector
  • Automotives

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