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Download Simpolo Ceramics Tiles complete designs and price list PDF- Simpolo Vitrified Tiles, Wall Tiles for Rooms and Bathrooms Prices

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Simpolo Ceramics price list. You can find the complete price list of Simpolo Vitrified and other tiles, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Simpolo Tiles

Simpolo, a leading Indian floor tile, wall tile, and sanitaryware manufacturer, has a clear goal: to revitalize the medium and high-end market with new products and the best available technology.  And to achieve that goal they have installed and started up a SACMI Continua+ line, the country’s first.


Simpolo is determined to combine technological upgrades with a capacity to develop and promote an entire family of new products; hence, a dedicated event in Mumbai, gave SACMI the opportunity to meet the country’s main dealers and sellers and present some of the latest products in the range before the line was even operational.

We have also shared the Simpolo Tiles Catalogue, which can be helpful to discover a wide range of designs offered by Simpolo Tiles.

Simpolo Tiles Prices

  S.No.  NameSizeThickness  Pcs/Box  Sft/BoxWt/boxPrice (18% GST & Transportation Extra) (Rs/sq. ft.)
1Alaska White800 x 120010220.6748.00188.00
2Alaska White800 x 80010320.6744.00201.00
3Alder Bay195 x 12009615.1240.0098.00
4Alder Hazel195 x 12009615.1240.0091.00
5Alder Olive195 x 12009615.1240.0091.00
6Alderwood195 x 12009615.1240.0098.00
7Antique Slape195 x 12009615.1240.0098.00
8Arel Onyx1200 x 18009123.2570.00198.00
9Arel Onyx1200 x 18009123.2570.00278.00
10Armani Bronze798 x 15989227.4559.00168.00
11Armani Bronze1198 x 11989230.8959.00186.00
12Armani Grey1198 x 11989230.8959.00186.00
13Armani Grey1198 x 11989230.8959.00199.00
14Armani Grey1198 x 23989130.9261.00278.00
15Armani Grey1198 x 23989130.9261.00386.00
16Armani Grey798 x 15989227.4559.00132.00
17Armani Grey798 x 15989227.4559.00144.00
18Armani Sun1200 x 18009123.2570.00345.00
19Armani Verde600 x 6009415.5031.0076.00
20Armonia Décor – 1798 x 15989227.4559.00168.00
21Armonia Décor 2600 x 12009215.5031.0096.00
22Art Wood Ash195 x 12009615.1240.0098.00
23Art Wood Crema195 x 12009615.1240.0092.00
24Art Wood Natural195 x 12009615.1240.0098.00
25Auroro Light798 x 15989227.4559.00125.00
26Auroro Light798 x 15989227.4559.00140.00
27Barberino Brown398 x 3981646.8223.50124.00
28Barberino Brown398 x 8001626.8923.50130.00
29Barberino Brown398 x 39810813.6428.0081.00
30Barberino Brown398 x 80010413.7128.0086.00
31Barberino Crema398 x 3981646.8223.50124.00
32Barberino Crema398 x 8001626.8923.50130.00
33Barberino Crema398 x 39810813.6428.0081.00
34Barberino Crema398 x 80010413.7128.0086.00
35Barberino Gris398 x 3981646.8223.50134.00
36Barberino Gris398 x 8001626.8923.50137.00
37Barberino Gris398 x 39810813.6428.0084.00
38Barberino Gris398 x 80010413.7128.0091.00
39Barberino Lux398 x 3981646.8223.50124.00
40Barberino Lux398 x 8001626.8923.50130.00
41Barberino Lux398 x 39810813.6428.0081.00
42Barberino Lux398 x 80010413.7128.0086.00
43Barberino Nergo398 x 3981646.8223.50134.00
44Barberino Nergo398 x 8001626.8923.50137.00
45Barberino Nergo398 x 39810813.6428.0084.00
46Barberino Nergo398 x 80010413.7128.0091.00
47Barberino Verde398 x 3981646.8223.50124.00
48Barberino Verde398 x 8001626.8923.50130.00
49Barberino Verde398 x 39810813.6428.0081.00
50Barberino Verde398 x 80010413.7128.0086.00
51Bark Wood Wood195 x 12009615.1240.0098.00
52Bianco Fantasico A&B1200 x 18009123.2570.00386.00
53Bianco Fantastico Bookmatch900 x 18009234.8765.00198.00
54Bianco Viola600 x 12009215.5031.00117.00
55Bianco Viola900 x 18009234.8765.00151.00
56Bianco Viola A&B1200 x 18009123.2570.00386.00
57Bianco Viola Bookmatch900 x 18009234.8765.00198.00
58Black Beauty600 x 12009215.5031.00107.00
59Black Beauty1198 x 23989130.9261.00300.00
60Black Beauty789 x 23989241.2080.00278.00
61Black Beauty798 x 15989227.4559.00198.00
62Black Forest1198 x 23989130.9261.00410.00
63Black Marquina600 x 12009215.5031.00107.00
64Black Marquina1198 x 23989130.9261.00300.00
65Black Marquina789 x 23989241.2080.00278.00
66Black Marquina798 x 15989227.4559.00198.00
67Black Portoro798 x 15989227.4559.00184.00
68Blue Brescia1198 x 11989230.8959.00161.00
69Blue Brescia Bookmatch798 x 15989227.4559.00168.00
70Blue Brescia Bookmatch798 x 15989227.4559.00180.00
71Botticino Caldo1198 x 11989230.8959.00186.00
72Botticino Classica798 x 15989227.4559.00125.00

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