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Solar Mobile Charger Presentation PPT slides, School Project Report, Research Paper On Wired Solar Mobile Charger for Rural Areas

Welcome to another post. In this post, we have provided the PPT report on Solar Mobile Charger. Mobile phones and Solar Power are revolutionary technology to this world and their combination can change this world for the better. The links to download free PPT on Solar Mobile Charger are provided at the end of this post.


Solar Mobile Charger

In today’s life, mobile has become an essential part of our life. As the use of mobile has increased, it needs more than one time to charge. In rural areas, the electricity often gets cut. sometimes it happens in urban areas as well.

Because of this problem, a backup power source is important. In this situation. the solar charger plays an important part. So, in this post, we have provided a complete guide in form of a PowerPoint Presentation.

In this project, a suitable solar panel is used and the producing voltages are measured and set as the required voltage of the battery. A multimeter is used for this purpose. After this, the output of the solar panel is taken from the cable and fed to the phone.

The detailed process is given in the PowerPoint Slides.

Download Solar Mobile Charger PPT

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