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Spelling Bee 2023 Words List PDF Download

If you are looking for a Spelling Bee 300+ Words with Definitions PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the PDF of the Spelling Bee Words Grade 1 to 9 for free.

Spelling Bee 2023 Words List

Here we have shared some of the most important Spelling Bee Words with definitions in 2023.

insinuateTo hint at something by subtle, cunning, or artful means; to suggest tacitly while avoiding a direct statement.
rancorThe deepest malignity or spite; deep-seated enmity or malice; inveterate hatred.
  intelligenceA monarch; the ruler of a country. To make (an offense) worse or more severe; to increase in offensiveness or heinousness.
conciliationThe process of bringing peace and harmony; the ending of strife.
sovereign aggravateA monarch; the ruler of a country. To make (an offence) worse or more severe; to increase in offensiveness or heinousness.
innumerableNot capable of being counted, enumerated, or numbered, hence, indefinitely numerous; of great number.
stockholderA company or person that owns a portion of a business.
  hyenaA mammal with very long front legs and shorter back legs, with a cry that sounds like strange human laughter and a diet consisting of the remains of dead animals.
engineerA person who is qualified or professionally engaged in designing, constructing, or managing something physical.
speculation pugnaciousThe process of thinking or meditating on a subject; a conclusion to which the mind comes by speculating. Naturally aggressive or hostile; combative; belligerent.
pristineUnspoiled; uncorrupted or unsullied; perfect.
adroitDeft, dexterous, or skillful.
appreciative luridCapable of showing gratitude. Shocking, horrifying.
indispensableAbsolutely necessary or requisite; that one cannot do without.
InternationalThe capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to comprehend and learn.
property marvelousSomething that is owned; the exclusive right of possessing, enjoying and disposing of a thing. Exciting wonder or surprise; astonishing; wonderful; delightful.
ambassadorA minister of the highest rank is sent to a foreign court to represent their sovereign or country.
paradiseThe place where good souls are believed to live after death.
indignation championshipAnger aroused by something negative, notably an offense or injustice. A competition to determine a champion, especially the final of a series of competitions.
beneficiaryHolding some office or valuable possession, in subordination to another; one who benefits or receives an advantage.
enterpriseA company, business, organization, or other purposeful endeavor.
commercial conjugationAn advertisement in a common media format, usually radio or television. In some languages, one of several classifications of verbs according to what inflections they take.
benefactorSomeone who performs good or noble deeds.

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