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Stative Verbs List with Exercise & Examples Free PDF Download

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with the Stative Verbs List. You can find the complete list of Stative Verbs which you can print and also download in PDF format by the end of this post.


This post will be useful for the students to understand the topic through some examples.


Stative Verbs

A verb is considered to be a stative verb if it is expressing a state or condition rather than an action. Usually, a stative verb is a verb used primarily to describe a state of being, or situation. It’s how something is, feels, or appears. These verbs don’t show physical action or processes.

A verb that isn’t stative is called a dynamic verb and is usually an action. Often stative verbs are about liking or disliking, something, or about a mental state, not about action.

Stative Verbs List

Here is a small list of Stative Verbs to help you understand the topic.

VerbCorrect Not Correct
imagineI imagine you must be tired.I am imagining you must be tired.
impressHe impressed me with his story.He was impressing me with his story.
includeThis cookbook includes a recipe for bread.This cookbook is including a recipe for bread.
involveThe job involves a lot of traveling.The job is involving a lot of traveling.
knowI’ve known Julie for ten years.I’ve been knowing Julie for ten years.
likeI like reading detective stories.I am liking reading detective stories.
loveI love chocolate.I’m loving chocolate.*
matterIt doesn’t matter.It isn’t mattering.
mean‘Enormous’ means ‘very big’.‘Enormous’ is meaning ‘very big’.
measure (=be long)This window measures 150cm. This window is measuring 150cm.
mindShe doesn’t mind the noise.She isn’t minding the noise.
needAt three o’clock yesterday I needed a taxi.At three o’clock yesterday I was needing a taxi.
oweI owe you £20.I am owing you £20.
ownShe owns two cars.She is owning two cars.
preferI prefer chocolate ice cream.I am preferring chocolate ice cream.
promiseI promise to help you tomorrow.I am promising to help you tomorrow.
realizeI didn’t realize the problem.I wasn’t realising the problem.
recognizeI didn’t recognize my old friend.I wasn’t recognising my old friend.
rememberHe didn’t remember my name.He wasn’t remembering my name.
seemThe weather seems to be improving.The weather is seeming to be improving.
soundYour idea sounds great.Your idea is sounding great.
supposeI suppose John will be late.I’m supposing John will be late.

You can find the extended list of Stative Verbs in the PDF given below.

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