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Sudasha Brata Katha Book in Odia PDF

If you are looking for Sudasha Brata Katha Book Odia PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Sudasha Brata Katha Book Odia for free.

Sudasha Brata Katha Book Odia

Sudasa Brata is unique to the state of Odisha and observed by married women.  All the rituals are dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. This festival is celebrated on the day, when Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon), Thursday, and Dasami fall on the same day.

  1. On this day, married Odia women fast for a day for the well-being of their family and worship Goddess Laxmi.
  2. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi loves a clean house, so women clean their houses before performing the puja.
  3. After cleaning the house, they decorate the house with beautiful Jhoti Chita, which is made from rice paste.
  4. The puja begins at Brahma Muhurta (the period between 2 am and 4 am) before sunrise. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi visit the houses of her devotees during this period.
  5. 10 ‘Manda Pithas’ (steamed cake) are offered to Goddess Laxmi on this occasion.
  6. Married women tie a sacred thread (consisting of ten layers) on their right arm after a ritualistic dip in turmeric water. Ten knots, uttering 10 different names of Goddess Lakshmi, are made on the thread, which is replaced only during the next Sudasa Brata.
  7. Women usually wear sarees in a combination of white and red or yellow for the puja.
  8. The uniqueness of this puja is that everything that is used or offered to the Goddess is 10 in number, like 10 varieties of flowers, 10 petalled lotus flowers, 10 Manda Pithas and 10 seasonal fruits, 10 chenna bhog, 10 duba (scutch) grass and as many bara koli leaves and rice grains.
  9. Sudasa Brata Puja is performed in three phases – morning, again at mid-day, and before evening. Mashed chenna or cottage cheese mixed with banana, grated coconut, and jaggery made into 10 balls is offered to the Goddess early in the morning, 10 Manda Pithas in the noon, and Panaa Bhog before dusk.
  10. The women are required to read ‘Sudasa Brata’ Katha on this day.

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