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Swaraj Mazda Spare Parts List Catalogue PDF Download

Download Swaraj Mazda Limited Spare Parts List with Images complete PDF – SML ISUZU Trucks and Vehicles Spare Parts List PDF

This post will provide you with a PDF of the Swaraj Mazda Spare Parts Catalogue. You can find the Swaraj Mazda Vehicles Accessories and Parts List, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


SML Spare Parts

SML Isuzu Limited (SMLI) is a commercial vehicle manufacturer established in 1983. SMLI produces and sells buses, ambulances and customized vehicles. Swaraj Mazda Limited has informed the Exchange that at the Board Meeting of the Company held on 1 October 2010, the Board of Directors decided to change the name of the company from Swaraj Mazda Limited to SML Isuzu Limited. As of 2011 they no longer use the “Swaraj” brand name.

The company manufactures light commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, school buses, ambulances, police personnel carriers, water tankers and special vehicles.


Swaraj Mazda Spare Parts List

DescriptionPlate No.
Crank case & flywheel arrangement1
Cylinder block, piston, con rod & crank shaft(trem 3a)2
Cylinder block, piston, con rod & crank shaft (trem 3, old)2A
Cylinder head, nozzle & inlet-exhaust manifold (trem 3a)3
Cylinder head, nozzle & inlet-exhaust manifold (trem 3, old)3A
Cam shaft & valve rocker (trem 3a)4
Cam shaft & valve rocker (trem 3, old)4A
Fuel pump assembly5
Sump, suction tube & lub oil pump6
Gear casing, intermediate gear & vent breather7
Fuel filter, water separator & lub oil filter assembly8
Water pump & thermostat assembly9
Water inlet / outlet manifold10
Radiator & related parts (single hood, 735xm)11
Radiator & parts (existing sheet metal, 724xm / 834xm / 735fe)11A
Aluminium radiator & parts (724xm / 834xm / 735fe) as applicable11B
Air cleaner & exhaust silencer (trem 3a)12
Throttle linkage (single hood sheet metal)13
Throttle linkage (existing sheet metal)13A
Clutch assembly – as applicable14
Dry brakes (190mm)15
Dry brakes (165mm)15A
Wet brakes (optional) as applicable15B
Brakes & clutch pedal16
Gear box housing & related components17
Components of gear box (1000pto)18
Components of gear box (540pto)18A
Straight axle beam & kpsa with bearing – 735fe/735xm/834xm/724xm19
Power steering -axle beam & related parts19A
Steering assy. (xlo) & related parts20
Steering assy. (rane ) & related parts20A
Steering assy. (zf) & related parts20B
Power steering – hydraulic cylinder & related parts20C
Gear shifter arrangement21
Differential housing & related components22
Bull gear & cage assembly23
Bull gear & cage assembly23A
Trumpet housing assembly & tyres24
Trumpet housing assembly & tyres24A
Harness assembly & clamps25
Electricals ( lights & switches) – single hood sheet metal26
Electricals ( lights & switches) – existing sheet metal26A
Battery mounting arrangement27
Starter motor28
Alternator assembly29
Rear cover & related parts30
Lift housing & related parts30A
Control sector and related parts31
Hydraulic cylinder & related parts32
Response & control valve assy.33
Response & control valve (with lift housing)33A
Hydraulic pump & related parts34
Power steering – hyd. Pump & related parts34A
Three point linkage35
Fender & related parts (as applicable)36
Single hood sheet metal – 735xm37
Existing sheet metal – 735fe/834xm/724xm37A
Fuel tank & parts – single hood sheet metal – 735xm38
Fuel tank & parts – existing sheet metal – 735fe/834xm/724xm38A
Driver seat assembly39
Optional items & kits40


You can download the Swaraj Mazda Spare Parts List PDF from the download button given below.

We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the spare parts list of SML ISUZU Limited.

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