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Welcome students! In this post, we will provide you with Powerpoint Presentations on Tenses. You can find the PPTs and PDFs on Tenses by the end of this post. You will also get some insights on the topic which can be useful for the projects and to update your knowledge.


Through the journey of education, each of us must have come across the topic of “Tenses”. For some, it might be a cherry on the cake, but many of us struggled to grasp the core basics of this topic. Don’t worry! Here we will provide you with the presentations that are easy to understand and help you through the basics of this subtle, but an interesting topic.


Tenses Presentation

In grammar, tense is the time of a verb’s action or the state of being, such as present (something happening now), past (something happened earlier), or future (something going to happen). In other words, tense is a category that expresses time reference.

The tenses mainly consist of three types, that is Past, Present, and Future.  In English, each of these tenses can take four main aspects: simple, perfect, continuous (also known as progressive), and perfect continuous.

The perfect aspect is formed using the verb to have, while the continuous aspect is formed using the verb ‘to be‘. In academic writing, the most commonly used tenses are the present simple, the past simple, and the present perfect.

Types of Tenses

In order to show at what stage action is, each of the three tenses has been sub-divided into four heads. These sub-divisions are—

TenseIndefinite Continuous or 
PerfectPerfect Continuous
PresentI playI am playing I have played I have been playing
PastI playedI was playing I had played I had been playing
FutureI shall playI shall be playingI shall have played I shall have been playing

Thus, the tense of a verb does not show the time of an action or event alone. It shows the state of that action also.

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