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Best Termum All Commands List PDF Download from Basic to Advance.

Welcome everyone, to our new post on Termux Command-List PDF. This post will provide you with Termux Basic Command List, Termux Update Command, and Termux Setup Commands.

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This post contains all the basic to advanced Termux commands-Android hacking commands with their uses. So, a beginner can understand the uses of all the Termux commands.


Termux Commands List

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly and doesn’t require rooting or setup.

A minimal base system is installed automatically-and additional packages are available using the APT Package manager.

Termux Commands for Hacking with Android

cp -vused to prints informative massage
cp -rused to copy any directory
mv -uupdate-move when source is newer than destination
mv -vto move any directory
ls -nto display UID and GID directory
ls –versionto check the version of ls command
cd —show last working directory from where we moved
ls -lshow file action like – modified, date and time, owner of file, permissions Etc.
ls helpshow display how to use “ls” command
cp -nno file overwrite
cd ~move to users home directory from anywhere
mv [file1 name] [new file2 name]move or rename two file at a time
cd –move one directory back from current location
mv [file name]move any file and folder
lslist directory
ls -alist all files including hidden files

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