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Transformer PPT Download – Classification, Basic Principals, Working, Parts of Transformers and Visual Representation of Transformer

Welcome to the post, in this post you can get a PPT about the Transformer which includes the basic principle behind the transformer, parts used in the transformer, how it works, classifications, losses of transformers, applications, and much more.


Transformer Presentation

A transformer is a static (it doesn’t have any rotational parts) device that can increase or decrease the supply voltage and current. It should be noted that it can work only with A.C. supply.

The main components of a transformer are primary and secondary windings and the core on which the windings are wound.

More information about the transformer is in the PPT at the end of this post.

Content of Transformer Presentation

The shared ppt contains the following points:

  • Basic design
  • Working principle
  • Classification of transformers
  • Losses and their types
  • Related problems to solve
  • The efficiency of a transformer
  • Parallel operation of transformer
  • Voltage regulation
  • System distribution losses and optimization
  • Energy conservation in transformer

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