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Ugadi Panchagam Telugu 2022 2023


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Ugadi Telugu Panchangam 2022 to 2023 PDF Download

Download Ugadi Panchangam 2022 to 2023 complete PDF- ఉగాది పంచాంగం 2022 నుండి 2023 వరకు పూర్తి PDFని డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేయండి

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the latest Telugu Panchangam. You can find the Ugadi Panchangam 2022 to 2023 Telugu, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Ugadi Telugu Panchang

This post will be helpful for the people searching for Telugu Ugadi Panchangam for the years 2022-2023. The post will provide you with a direct download link where you can find the Ugadi Panchagam 2022-23 in PDF format. The calendar will provide you with complete information on Festivals, Muhurats, Vrats, Ekadashi, Panchami, etc.

The famous South Indian Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya has published this panchang in 1944. You can also check other information in this calendar like Rashifal, and more. These Panchangas are sought by devotees around the world.


Ugadi Panchangam 2022 to 2023

Tiqthiద్వాదశి : Mar 28 04:15 PM to Mar 29 02:38 PM
త్రయోదశి : Mar 29 02:38 PM to Mar 30 01:19 PM
Nakshatramధనిష్ఠ: Mar 28 12:24 PM to Mar 29 11:28 AM
శతభిష: Mar 29 11:28 AM to Mar 30 10:48 AM
Yogamసాధ్య: Mar 28 05:39 PM to Mar 29 03:13 PM
శుభ: Mar 29 03:13 PM to Mar 30 01:01 PM
Karanamతైతుల: Mar 29 03:25 AM to Mar 29 02:38 PM
గరజ: Mar 29 02:38 PM to Mar 30 01:56 AM
వనిజ: Mar 30 01:56 AM to Mar 30 01:19 PM
Time to Avoid (Bad time to start any important work)
Rahukalam3:23 PM to 4:54 PM
Yamagandam9:19 AM to 10:50 AM
Varjyam06:28 PM to 08:02 PM
Gulika12:21 PM to 1:52 PM
Good ऋषिकेश पंचांग 2022 | Rishikesh Panchang 2022 in Hindi (to start any important work)
Amritakalam03:48 AM to 05:22 AM
Abhijit Muhurtham11:56 AM to 12:45 PM


You can download the Telugu Panchang 2022-23 PDF from the download button given below.

We hope you find this content helpful and are able to download the PDF for Ugadi Panchagam 2022-23 Telugu.

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