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Under Water Wireless Communication

Underwater wireless information transmission is of countless importance to the military, industry, and the scientific community. To facilitate all these activities, there is a rise in the number of unmanned vehicles or devices deployed underwater, which require high bandwidth and high capacity for information transfer underwater.


Within a previous couple of years, the interest in optical wireless communication has increased for terrestrial, space, and underwater links as it is capable of providing high data rates with low power and mass requirement. Many researchers have worked in the field of terrestrial and space links. As the underwater system has quite more difficulties it is relatively less explored.

The main difficulty for reliable underwater communication is due to the wide selection of physical processes in various sorts of underwater environments. We know that the Ocean is wide, long, and deep as well. One more problem is shallow coastal. Optical communication may be a budding technology to understand underwater wireless communication.


As this technology is still in its early stages and finding ways to eliminate the problems which are a hindrance to it. You can find more about this technology in the material which we have provided.

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