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Varuna Pumps

Commenced in the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, with a one-of-a-kind hand blower, today, Varuna has evolved into one of the most reputed and globally acclaimed brands dealing in submersible pumps and open well motors. Varuna Electric is a brand that fuels the noteworthy legacy that has undeniably defined us for more than 85 years.


With a pan-India presence of over 20 branches and 600+ distributors, an export web spread across 50+ countries, and an annual production capacity of over half a million pumps, Varuna Pumps intends to challenge themselves to higher standards with its solutions in the days to come.

Varuna Pumps Price List

Sr.No.Varuna Pumps ProductPrices (in Rs.)
1Submersible Dewatering Pumps18,000
20.5Hp- 30Hp 50- 1800 Feet Lubi Submersible Pump10,500
3KMP Head: 10 To 35 M Submersible Pump26,000
4Varuna Submersible Water Pump6,000
5Open Well Submersible Pump4,925
6Varuna Submersible Pumps9,000
7Varuna 1 HP,7 STG Submersible Pump9,900
81 H. P – 20 H. P Jindal Submersible, Mild Steel6,000
9Three Phase Electric Submersible Pump Installed12,500
101 – 3 HP 51 To 100 M Solar Submersible Pump22,000
112 Hp Solar Submersible Pump45,000
12Multi-Stage Pump 1 – 3 HP Submersible Pumps5,000
1315 To 50 M Open Well Submersible Pump, 220 V/380 V, 1”/1.5”11,000
14V4 Submersible Pumps7,000
15Oil Filled Single Phase Varuna Submersible Pump, Maximum Discharge Flow: Less Than 100 LPM, 1 – 3 HP8,500
16Single Phase Water Filled Varuna Submersible Pump8,900
1714 0.75 HP Varuna Submersible Pump9,000
181 HP Varuna Submersible Pump, Mild Steel10,500

Download Varuna Pumps Brochure PDF

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