Virgo Laminates Catalogue PDF Download

Virgo Laminates Catalogue PDF Download, Size Chart – Latest Virgo Laminates Design Catalogue Free Download

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with PDFs of Virgo Laminates Catalogues. You will be able to download the PDFs for all types of laminates provided by the Virgo group for free. The links are given at the end of this post.


Virgo Laminates Catalogue

The Virgo Group of Companies is one the largest multinational manufacturer, marketers, and distributors of Aluminum Rolled Products, Laminates, and Plywood – with more than a million square feet of manufacturing space and over 500 employees – delivering tons of units to market every week.

Vigro Laminates Catalogue

Founded in 1993, Virgo Plywood introduced an unseen range of high-grade laminates to the market. Following on from its success, Virgo has forayed into other categories as well. In its first decade itself, Virgo introduced Virgo Board and Virgo Laminates in the market. In 2005, Virgo Group established its name in the market with the introduction of Virgo Industries.

The company has a wide range of Home Décor Products based in India. The list includes products like  Laminates, PVC, ACP, Plywood, Aluminium, and Door skin.


As laminates are one of the most used products of Virgo, we are providing you the catalogues of Laminates sheets

Virgo Laminates Range

Here is the list of all kinds of laminates manufactured by Virgo

  • Virgo Mica, Virgo Lam
  • Virgo Croma
  • Virgo Corby
  • Virgo Abco
  • Virgo Looks Lam
  • Virgo Hanger
  • Virgo Croma Verona
  • Virgo Cladding
  • Virgo Cubico – Cubicles

Download Virgo Laminates Catalogue

From the buttons given below, you can download the catalogues of Virgo Laminates. In this post, we have provided the catalogues of Croma Export laminate, Virgo Cubico laminate, Virgo Cladding laminate, and Croma Verona laminate.

To download the Catalogue of Croma Export laminate, use the below button

For the Catalogue of Virgo Cubico laminate, click the below button

For Virgo Cladding laminate Catalogue, use the below button

To download Virgo Croma Verona laminate Catalogue, use the below button

We hope you find this post helpful and got the Catalogue you needed. Feel free to contact us for any queries or comment below. Also, check out some of our latest posts.


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